About ABS Sweets

ABS Sweets is a sweets broker established in 2005. We have been IFS Broker certified since 2012 and UTZ certified since 2013. We specialise in seasonal products for supermarkets and large retail shops. In recent years, ABS Sweets has also begun focusing on regular everyday products. Around 60% to 70% of our products are sold under private label.

  • Large quantities

    ABS Sweets concentrates on customers that order large quantities, as this makes it possible to make good arrangements with an effective logistics flow. This benefits both the customer and the manufacturer.

  • Large market penetration

    ABS Sweets is intimately familiar with the Dutch market and has customers across the entire width of the market. This is because we make every effort to meet our customers’ needs and find the right product for every type of customer that also meets customer expectations.

  • High quality

    The products supplied by ABS Sweets are of superior quality, with a perfect taste that scores highly time and again in taste tests. All packaging is also of excellent quality. Proof of this is our IFS Broker certification on the ‘high’ level and our continuous focus on food safety issues.

  • Private label

    For many years, ABS Sweets has been working with the largest Private Label customers in the Netherlands, which has made us a genuine expert. Our partners in the areas of both products and packaging are of tremendous assistance and support in creating perfect products for customers that are not only new each and every time, but also different.

  • Broad range

    ABS Sweets’ strength lies in the extensiveness of its range. Customers can find almost everything they need each season from ABS Sweets. The quality is always perfect, the prices affordable and the choices incomparable. This includes a number of products in which ABS Sweets is market leader and others in which ABS Sweets is one of only a few suppliers.

  • Flexibility

    We understand that every customer wants to stand out in the market, whether by choice or necessity. That is why we always make every effort to make this possible through an individual approach to every customer and customer-specific options and products. We offer the best possible options within the quantity limits, guaranteed to be unique at all times.

The majority of our products are produced in Europe and we supply virtually all Dutch retailers with one or more of our items. This has enabled us to develop into a market leader with a number of our products. We also specially develop specific packaging for our market, providing our customers with considerable added value as a result. ABS Sweets has a small and highly efficient organisation with specialised long-term partners for international transport, domestic transport and storage, advertising and foodstuff technology, strategy and development.

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